Ph.D. research projects

Innovative 3I (Intelligent, Informatics and Interactive) - Bed

Ph.D. candidate Hao Cai, Department of Health Science and Technology, Aalborg University.

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Pedometer, self-determination and autonomy in relation to physical activity for heart patients in the Teledi@log project

Ph.D. candidate Charlotte Brun Thorup, Department of Heart-Lung Surgery, Aalborg University Hospital (AalborgUH), Research Unit for Nursing, AalborgUH and SMI, Institute for Medicine and Health Technology, Aalborg University.

The study of the accuracy of the pedometers is proceeding. The first part of the study took place on a treadmill, where a healthy adult did carry 6 pedometers and a Shimmer accelerometer. Preliminary results are that the accuracy of the pedometer is good at high speeds and less accurate in slow speed. This indicates that the pedometer might have a problem if cardiac patients have slow gaits. But still it is unknown whether the inaccuracy of the pedometer at slow speed might appear in a real life study on cardiac patients. Furthermore it might be considered a problem that newly diagnosed or newly operated patients have a slow gait. There fore a real life study of the accuracy of the pedometer is planned to be performed in the beginning of 2014.

The qualitative observations and interview of patients has been carried out, and the fist analysis has started.

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